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Bail Is Your Constitutional Right

With the events of Independence Day fresh on our minds, I am impressed to write about the right to bail, which is a constitutional right. The Bail Bonds Industry has received great scrutiny over the past few years. Google calls Bail Bonds harmful to the community.

Over the years working in the bail business, hundreds of families who have fallen into the crux of the court system have turned to us to provide confidential, flexible terms, and immediate bail bonding services. The Defendants have the right to freedom, they have not been convicted of the crime that holds them in jail. They are considered innocent until proven guilty and should be treated as such.

However, many states across this great nation have removed the right to bail from within the court system. Releasing individuals into court services, where they can monitor the Defendant while the case is pending. The courts do not release the Defendant on their own recognizance. They require daily check-in's, random drug testing, limit their freedom to travel. There is no longer the ability to maintain your innocence. Now Defendants receive additional risk for Failing to Comply with Pretrial Release. A bond that would cost you $100, will now cost you monthly monitoring fees, drug testing costs, and a new bond for Failing to Comply could run you the cost of $1,000 for the same charge.

A+ Idaho Bail Bonds urges everyone to ask questions and know your rights. Avoid loss, additional costs, and risk of additional charges and arrests. Call Us for additional information (208) 522-5556.

Pretrial Release = Police State Policies

Choose Bail, Know Your Rights.

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